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1. What is the main benefit?

Portability. Folded SLIMFOLD 6 dimensions are 82" x 26" and incredibly 7½ inches flat. The SLIMFOLD 3 dimensions are 44” x 26” x 8½” for easy transport.

Quality design plus quality materials give you a massive 1134 sq inch cooking area with an all up weight benefit of only 97 lbs for the SLIMFOLD 6. This same quality is maintained on the ½ sized unit with a 567 sq inch of cooking area weighing in at only 56 lbs.

2. Will it last and what about spare parts?

The firebox and grill are hi-grade stainless steel and Cinders Commercial Grills are renowned for their durability.

We hold a replacements parts inventory on all models for over 20 years. The replacement Hose & Regulator Assemblies can be purchased from most hardware stores.

3. Why no wheels?

It may look pretty, but this is a tough, practical, portable grill. The legs are designed not to sink into damp earth or sand, and will protect the ends of the grill when folded.

They also enable it to be stored upright – a real space saver!

4. How hot does it get?

Another major benefit is that the combustion is re-circulated inside the firebox, permitting a rapid build of intense heat as more food covers the grill.

This also keeps the chef cool, as wasteful heat is not thrown in his face.

5. What size gas tank can I use and how long will it last?

The SLIMFOLD 6 is designed for a flexible twin 20lb tank system, which will last over twelve hours at the full 68,000 BTU rating.

The SLIMFOLD 3 is designed for a single 20lb tank and will last over 12 hours at full rate!

The unique recirculating heat design of the Cinders grills means they are very economical to run.

30lb tanks can also be fitted, but larger tanks must be remote and by approval of a Gas Engineer.

6. How do you clean it?

SLIMFOLD grills have a great labor saving benefit. The firebox acts like a self-cleaning oven. Most units never have their grill top lifted during their entire working life!

When a metal sheet pan is placed on the grill (AFTER lighting), it will increase the heat and convert the carbon particles to a dry, powdery ash similar to the process of a self-cleaning oven.

The flat griddle accessory is perfect as a cleaning tool as it covers a grill area and allows just the right amount of ventilation, so any residue on the cooking surface will also convert to a powdery ash to be brushed away. A simple wipe-down of the grilling surface is all that is required.

Removal of the grilling surface is unnecessary, except for major servicing.

7. Will the grill surface warp?

The stainless steel grilling surface will never, ever develop a permanent twist or warp.

The long side edges are also slightly higher than the center to discourage food from sliding away from the chef.

8. How does it work?

Two long burners enter the grill from each end and run centrally to meet each other in the middle.

The burners flame out either side of a Vee-shaped and channelled stainless steel heat exchanger, which also carries the flames to the outer edges of the firebox.

There is no lava rock, reducing the weight and dirt considerably, and the grill conveniently does not fall into pieces whichever way up it is moved.

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