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1. Why should I choose a Slimfold product?

  • The Slimfold products are portable. TheTG60 model is just 7½ inches flat when folded, so it can be stored just about anywhere!
  • Dimensions of the SG80 are just 44” x 26” x 8½”, which means that it is incredibly easy to transport.
  • You get a large cooking surface, which is ideal for commercial catering use.

2. Are they reliable?

  • There is a Lifetime Warranty on the burners, so you will never have to worry about it breaking.
  • The firebox and grill products are made from hi-grade stainless steel, so the chance of problems is very unlikely.
  • Each product has an American National Standards Institute certification, which means that all parts can be ordered overnight.

3. Why no wheels?

  • It may look pretty, but this is a tough, practical, portable grill. The legs are designed to withstand damp soil or sand, and will protect the ends of the grill when folded. If it had wheels, it would probable get stuck in these types of ground.
  • Having legs also enables it to be stored upright, which is real benefit when space is tight!

4. How hot does it get?

  • One of the major benefits of these products is that the combustion is re-circulated inside the firebox, permitting a rapid build of heat when more food covers the grill.
  • Being a chef can be stressful, not to mention when it's really hot in the kitchen. Instead of giving off wasted heat, the barbeque reroutes it elsewhere. This means that the kitched staff can stay keep cool, no matter what!

5. What size gas tank can I use and how long will it last?

  • The Slimfold TG160 is designed for a flexible twin 20lb tank system, which will last over twelve hours in total.
  • The SG80 is designed for a single 20lb tank and will last over 12 hours at full rate!
  • Compared to other cooking devices, they are financially friendly.
  • Larger tanks can be fitted but must be approved by a member of British Gas.

6. How do you clean it?

  • The firebox device acts as a self-cleaner. The majority of units never have to be manually cleaned!
  • When a metal sheet pan is lit and placed on the grill it will increase the heat and convert the carbon particles to a dry, powdery ash. Instead of having to scrub, this can simply be brushed off.  
  • The flat griddle accessory is also perfect as a cleaning tool. It covers the grill area and allows the right amount of ventilation, so any residue on the cooking surface will convert to a powdery ash. Sweeping is all that is required.

7. Will the grill surface warp?

  • The stainless steel grilling surface is made from extremely strong metal which is special designed to stay in shape. This means that it will never, ever warp.

8. How does it work?

  • Two long burners enter the grill from both ends and run centrall, meeting in the middle.
  • The burners produce a flame out of both sides of the V shaped stainless steel heat exchanger, which also carries the flames to the outer edges of the firebox.
  • There is no lava rock, reducing the weight and dirt considerably, making it easier to clean.      

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