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Sharon "Shaz" Atwell Testimonial

Karen from Cinders asked if I would provide some feedback regarding the grill that we purchased & I said that I'd be happy to!


We purchased the 6' grill, which requires 2 gas cylinders and if I'd had the spare money in my budget, I would have definitely bought the aluminum ones because they're lighter to move around, but we are managing with the 20lb tanks that we purchased from our local hardware store.


After we'd used the grill for the first time I realized that we didn't really have the storage space to fold it and store it conveniently, and that it was a little too heavy for us to carry around easily (the 3' grills would have been easier for us women to move) so we ordered a grill cover and are keeping it on our deck (loading dock, actually!). It's well protected, the cover is a really good quality one, which Karen told me we'd be able to launder, so long as we don't put it into the drier after washing it and it looks great.


The grill is easy to use - I was nervous to use it initially, so I asked my husband to come to camp the first time we used it to help me, but now, I'm very comfortable using it myself.


We serve 500 hungry boys who are here for 4 weeks of overnight camp and didn't really purchase the grill for this season, but for our shoulder seasons which serve schools & conference guests. It has, however, come in very handy when, on the first day of camp, we lost power at 7:20am and only had breakfast partially made!!! We set up 2 roasting pans on our Slimfold grill and managed to prepare enough scrambled eggs to serve everyone (along with the Canadian Bacon & English Muffins, which were already cooked), so our grill saved us on our first day of summer camp!!!


I can't tell you how happy we are with it - it's easy to clean, convenient to use & works beautifully.  We're also grilling more often, because it isn't a mission to build a fire as it was in the past.


I saw the Slimfold grill about 5 years ago at a food show and have been trying to find a way to work it into my equipment budget ever since. Now that I have it, it was worth all the effort that it took to finally get it!!

Sharon "Shaz" Atwell
Camp Becket Food Service Director
Becket-Chimney Corners YMCA

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