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Patrick Russell Testimonial

My cinders grill has been the best grill I have ever owned. I own three restaurants and do a good bit of off premise catering.

I was on our local news on a Sunday Brunch segment last July 4th weekend and grilled a 4th of July Outdoor BBQ for the T. V. station live. We grilled summer vegetables, shrimp skewer, BBQ Ribs, a whole beef tenderloin and Italian sausage w/peppers.

I also had a summer party at my house with 80 guests where I grilled burgers, Fresh Tuna seared, baby lamb chops and BBQ chicken. The two sides have made it easy to control the heat distribution for things that need to be held, seared or slow cooked.

My chef used it for a charity fund raiser two Octobers in a row where we fed over 300 people each time. We did have a gas oven to help but the grill worked perfectly.

I recently loaned it to a bar in Baltimore during the football season who was asked to cater a tail gaiting party. He had great success and was interested in contacting you. The best thing is the ease of transporting the grill. It can be transported by one person but a helping hand doesn't hurt. It has held up great.

Patrick Russell, Koopers Tavern, Baltimore, MD

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