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Maggie Raffel Testimonial

We've had the grill for a few months now and I have to say, it’s been fantastic!  The other grills we had been using were so bulky and heavy that they required at least two people to carry them and load them onto our vans.  The slim fold can easily be transported by one person which has cut down labor costs for us at different events.  They also take up much less space both in the vans and in our storage area.  That is sometimes an undervalued bonus of it.  I didn't take the space saving quality into serious consideration when we purchased it, but it has easily become one of the most important aspects of the grill in my opinion.

It’s very efficient with the gas use and I would have to say, overall, this has been one of our best equipment purchases ever!  We've been in the catering business for 40 years and we've seen our share of equipment fads and trends.  We stuck with our old grills for a very long time before we really sat down and decided to look into alternative options.  I'm thrilled we came across the Slim Fold and would highly recommend it to anyone who has to cook on the go!

Hearing from other customers was the deciding factor for us on purchasing the grill.  Hearing from the seller is one thing, but actually hearing from customers all over the country really helped me see the advantages to this grill.  Knowing they weren't trying to sell me anything and they were genuinely impressed with the product just confirmed what I already had been told about the grill.

It’s a great product and I'm glad I have one.  I'm hoping to pick up a bit more business so I can get another one!

Maggie Raffel
Development Director
Raffel's Catering, Inc.

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