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James W. Clarke Testimonial

"It was a pleasure to speak to you today regarding the Cinders Grill. We purchased our grill after seeing it at the Florida Restaurant Show in Orlando. What we wanted was a grill that was durable, had good capacity, and could be stored easily and compactly. Your grill fulfilled all of those requirements. We do cookouts on some of the barrier islands near here and we can easily load the grill with all the other supplies on a 25 foot boat, unload and carry out the cookout, and reload it all within a short period of time. The folding capacity with no loose greasy parts makes is easy to put back on board after it has cooled down. The grill provides great heat to allow us to cook items in reasonable amounts of time. To date we have had no problems with our grill. I would recommend the grill without hesitation to others in the food service industry"

From Mr James W. Clarke, formerly of Naples Yacht Club, Naples, Florida

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